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PS4 Wireless Controller for PC, PS4 , PS4 SLIM , PS4 PRO

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  • ▲Designed for the PS4 Fat /SLim/PRO/PC model ,
  • ▲ Built-in asymmetrical somatosensory vibration motor, offering a variety of vibration effects depending on different game scenes, offering you an immersive experience. Built-in in a high-quality mono speaker.
  • ▲ Touch screen control design, through the touch screen, can bring a new pleasure to operate light touch or slippery touch.
  • ▲Unique SHARE button design, simply press the SHARE button to download screenshots or video clips, or stream the game screen in real time, share wonderful games around the world. And you can invite friends to join the game you play.
  • ▲The design of the LED light bar can display the status of the character and various information through the color of the light bar.

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Original price was: ₹2,999.00.Current price is: ₹1,599.00.


Product Description


The premium P4 gaming controller is a must-have for real players. With built-in speakers that enhance the gaming experience and a multifunctional touchpad that allows you to simplify difficult controls. The ergonomic design perfectly with soft grip and trigger buttons provide pinpoint accuracy and comfort.

* If your controller won’t pair, won’t respond, or is displaying a flashing light, You’ll need to reset the controller. To do that, just use a small tool and push the reset button. This will prompt the controller to resync.


1. How to Connect:

The first time you use a controller, you’ll need to pair it with the system via a Micro-USB cable(Provided in the packaging)

A. Turn on your system, connect this controller using a USB cable, and then press the PS button on the controller.

B. When the controller is connecting to the console, the light bar starts flashing, you can remove the cable and use the controller wirelessly.

Reconnect: Press the ‘PS’ button to turn on your controller, it will reconnect to the system automatically.

Additional Information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 4 cm


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