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Has your Videogame console got kicked the bucket unexpectedly? Don't stress: HitechGamez is here to lend a helpinghand.
From consoles to controllers, The HitechGamez team of expert technicians are on deck to help getyour console back on its feet.
Simply bring your faulty hardware to our store and with a 500/- minimum service charge, we can take care of the rest.
From there, you'll need to pay the difference betweenthe service charge and the cost of repairs for the fault (or faults) that wefind. If we can't fix your hardware,
we'll return the console with no additional charge.
All repairs carry a 1 month warranty on the part(s) repaired, use genuine parts, and come with a free service, clean, and stress test.
And best of all, we ensure that unless otherwise specified, repairs are performed and returned within 4-7 business days of receipt. With The HitechGamez, you'll be back
in the game in no time.
Terms and Conditions





Sevices & Repair Terms & Conditions

  • In the event that a quoted repair is refused by the customer, or no fault is found with a console after appraisal, the 500/- minimum service charge will not be refunded.
  • Repair warranties are valid for the repaired component only: further faults unrelated to the initial repair are not covered.
  • Our technicians strive to troubleshoot the problem & retain all data on hard drives during the process of repair, however this cannot be guaranteed in all cases. All repairs will be conducted with this understanding.
  • Cannot guarantee whether the data of the hard drive would be safe or formatted